Sunday, 16 November 2008

Day 4 - Soft Beds and Missing Buttons

Excavation of the tent ring at Batn Al Ghoul camp has now revealed evidence for deliberate deposits of soft sand in tent interiors. Today A vertical section was cut through one tent ring and this showed that a flat bottomed hollow had been cut and this appears to have been filled with the soft sand. We assume this was done because the occupants slept on the ground. We have found objects and food remains throughout these sand layers but especially towards the top.

Our plotting of finds inside the tent rings has shown the distribution to be random. Therefore the time has come to speed up the work. Tomorrow heavy tools will be used to remove the sandy fills while sieving for any last finds within the currently worked rings. Our plan then will be to move up to Fassuah ridge fort.

Meanwhile our metal detectorists have been working on the opposite side of the former Hizaj railway. In this area, where there are many more tent rings, now dubbed by us the Southern Camp, our metal detectorists have continued to find large numbers of lost military buttons. Speculation as to the reasons for the Ottoman military’s propensity to lose their buttons is rife.

Our landscape archaeologist, roaming the landscape of Batn Al Ghoul as usual, finally stumbled upon the remains of the late Ottoman railway station, which we had been seeking for two years. Amid great heaps of bulldozed rubble could be seen the remains of the lower courses of a single surviving wall. Projecting from the rubble was a single piece of Hijaz railway track.

For those interested, the location of our current operational sites is to the south of Ma an on the map below.

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