Saturday, 15 November 2014

Tools and paperwork

The advance party have landed and are heavily involved in the preparations for the rest of the team to arrive. Trips to collect stored equipment and then make good and mend the same have taken place, followed by the commencement of a mountain of official paperwork.

More trips and paperwork tomorrow for this group, with the rest of us getting to the hotel in the early hours of Monday morning.

The first afternoon will take the form of introductions, a briefing and some local site orientation, with the work proper commencing on Tuesday. That evening, hopefully, the initial report on the activities of GARP 2014 should appear on this blog. We hope you stay with us and enjoy our reports from this exciting and ground-breaking project. 

Update: weather in Jordan where we are staying is good, but cold in the evenings. If you are coming on the trip and haven't already, please pack at least one warm jumper. 

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