Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 12 - Rest day and plans for the future

Some pictures of Wadi Musa, the town in which we stay and the entrance to the ruins at Petra.Wadi Musa means "Moses' Wadi' and is supposed to be the place that he struck the rock and water came out.

 Having more or less completed our investigation of the war along the railway line between Ma’amn and Mudawarra, this season sees the effective conclusion of the first phase of GARP’s fieldwork. In relation to it, we will now moving, slowly but surely, towards final publication in the fm of a full monograph. 

So where do we go from here in the field? There is much discussion to be had. But preliminary thinking is this. The old road from Aqaba to Ma’an represents a different landscape, a different kind of war, and yet one which was heavily contested and is well recorded in written sources. To investigate it comprehensively, and to use the material evidence in the landscape to build a full picture of the nature of the war, is likely to require another five years of field work. Bring it on!

At the same time we would like to develop a strong relationship with our new Turkish colleagues who have the skills and opportunity to support the field research with archive based research in Istanbul. In Jordan, a missing element so far has been the involvement of Jordanian students and ordinary Jordanian communities. We hope to put right these omissions in the second phase of the work.

Finally, we hope to engage the Jordanian authorities in developing new heritage tourism assets related to the Great Arab Revolt and Lawrence of Arabia’s war. 

Interim blog - some pictures of Wadi Musa, the town in which we stay and the entrance to the ruins at Petra.

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